Facebook ad account shut down

Facebook advertising is very profitable; however it is very difficult, and it is getting harder every day with new regulations and restrictions. Still, Facebook advertisers are not giving up with Facebook ads. These days, the biggest problem with Facebook advertising is Facebook ad account bans.You have a winner campaign, you want to scale it, but the moment you launch the campaign you see this, boom: Facebook ad account shut down. Unfortunately, it happens almost all the time.

Now please pay close attention; you will learn why your Facebook ad account was disabled and how you can get it reactivated as fast as possible. Also, at the end of this article we will tell you a big secret about ad account reactivation that will blow you away. Please keep reading.

First, we will tell you the conventional way of appealing that most probably will not work. At the end of this article, we will teach you how you can get your disabled ad account reactivated that no one can do. This will be a game changer for you.

Why was your Facebook ad account disabled?

When you launch your campaign, Facebook first checks the ad content (headline, image, video and description), then your website and its relevance to the product or service you want to promote. Facebook also checks if your campaign complies with its ad policies and community standards. 

If you haven’t read Facebook Advertising Policies before you launch your campaigns please take a good look at it to avoid any possible mistakes you may make. We also suggest you  print it out and make a check list as you may still be violating some of their advertising policies.


Also Please Read Facebook Community Standards

You definitely should read Facebook Community Standards and see what is allowed and what is not in Facebook ads. One of the main reasons to get your Facebook ad account disabled is some users complain and report the content on your Facebook Business Page and the ads that you run.

How to Get Your Disabled Facebook Ad Account Reinstated

When you want to get back to your disabled ad account, you have to go to Facebook Business Help Center and appeal for Facebook’s decision, by explaining your situation, telling them why this decision is wrong and you did not violate any of Facebook Advertising Rules. 

You can appeal in 2 different ways:

1. Have a Chat with a Facebook Representative

When your Facebook ad account is disabled, the best thing to do is talk to a Facebook representative. To be honest, we don’t think they will provide a good solution for you, but it still is the best way when you need to appeal.

To start the chat with a Facebook representative, scroll down on Facebook Business help center page, and click the get started button. Choose get support then click Get Support Button and finally click Chat button. You will be redirected to the contact support form. You must enter all the necessary information so that a Facebook representative can help you in a better way.

Now click, start, chat and explain the situation very clearly and as understandable as possible.

2. The second option is filling out two forms to get your disabled Facebook ad account reactivated. You must fill request review form if your Facebook ad account is disabled because of a policy violation or community standard. You can fill this this form and request a review.

You must fill Facebook ad account disabled payments form if your Facebook ad account was disabled by robot without any reason, you should provide  provide Facebook with detailed information about why your account was disabled by mistake and you did nothing wrong. 

After submitting this form, please check Facebook Help Center at least twice a day because a disabled Facebook ad account may be reviewed at any time. Once it is reviewed you will see their response in Facebook Help Center support inbox.

After you send your request, keep regularly checking the Facebook Help Center. Your disabled ad account may be reviewed at any time. Once it’s been reviewed, you’ll receive a response to your Help Center support inbox.

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